• 》LIP | $12

    Hair removed from upper lip. Lower lip line included upon request.

  • 》CHIN | $12

    Hair is removed from lower lip to under the jawline.

  • 》SIDEBURNS | $15

    Hair removed from ear lobe to jaw line.

  • 》NECK | $25

    Hairline cleanup.

  • 》BROW SHAPING | $30

    Brow shaping is a wax but where we also shape the hairs to best fit your face.

  • 》NOSE | $15

    Removes desired amount it hair from inside the nostrils.

  • 》EARS | $15

    Removes all the hair from outside and inside the ear. Includes lobe, rim & traigus.

  • 》FULL FACE | $55

    Includes brows, lip, chin, cheeks and sideburns.

  • 》FACE (PARTIAL) | $35

    Lip, chin, cheeks and sideburns. Does NOT include the brows.


    Remove the hair from the sides and a little off of the top of your bikini line. Does NOT include labia or inner backside.

  • 》FRENCH BIKINI | $55

    Removes all hair from the standard bikini line, but slightly deeper, stopping right at the labia. Does NOT include the inner backside.


    Removes all of the hair from the standard bikini line, labia and inner backside. Option to leave a triangle or strip in the front. NOTE: This service is only offered to females.


    Cooling and hydrating treatment to brighten and soothe skin.

  • 》Bum Cheeks & Inner Back Side | $55

    Hair removed from the cheeks & inner backside.

  • 》ARMS | $50

    Includes hands and fingers

  • 》UNDERARMS | $25

    Hair removed from the "armpit" Price includes both underarms.

  • 》BACK (FULL) | $85

    Hair is removed from neck to lumbar, rounding the shoulders is included.

  • 》BACK (HALF) | $50

    Hair removed from the neck line to the middle of the back, OR from the middle of the back to lumbar.

  • 》LEG (FULL) | $115

    Hair is removed from thigh to toes. Price includes both legs.

  • 》LEG (HALF) | $65

    Hair is removed from thigh to knee, OR from knee to toes. Price includes both legs.

  • 》INNER THIGH | $25

    Hair is removed from the inner thigh to inner knee only. Price includes both legs. Great add on to a bikini or Brazilian wax.

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